Overview of the Templar Tumble Slot Machine Creator Another slot in Relax Gaming’s ‘Tumble’ series draws spiritual influence from the era. In Templar Tumble,

we visit the age of chivalry and entrust the plot’s forward momentum to the shadowy Knights Templar. This choice spewed a wealth of inspiring visuals for Relax to mine, and the developer made excellent use of them while also slapping on some fun bonus rounds, wild substitutions, and rolling reels. Although at first Templar Tumble seems like a clone of the popular game Megaways, it quickly breaks away from its inspiration and develops into a unique and enjoyable experience.

In 1119, in Jerusalem, the Order of the Knights Templar was established to ensure the safety of visitors to the Holy Land. Nine poor knights started the order, which swiftly grew wealthy and powerful before becoming a touch too successful and rubbing people the wrong way. Most Templars were either imprisoned, dissolved, or burned as heretics by the 14th century. We join them at the height of their power in Templar Tumble, which takes place on a 6×7 grid outside a shining medieval edifice in the Middle East beneath a clear blue sky. The game has a fantastic visual style, soft and airy like its semi-religious subject matter.

Bets ranging from 10 pence to £/€20 per spin are on offer from the Templars’ opposing side, and you may join the action on your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. When the wheel is spun, a random number of either “live” symbols or “blocker” tiles are placed in the grid. There can be up to 117,649 possible combinations because to the 7 places on each reel. Even if Templar Tumble isn’t a Megaways game, you’ll see a lot of parallels if you play it. One more is the reaction/tumble feature that is triggered by winning combos, which can result in some very long win chains.

The game is highly unpredictable and serves you a good number of dry spins, but the win rate is satisfactory enough to keep you playing. The mathematical model is rather well-balanced, and the theoretical RTP is somewhat above average at 96.29%. Payouts are made when three or more identical symbols appear in any position on adjacent reels, beginning at the leftmost reel. Symbol values are often not very large on their own, but they can add up to respectable sums when they fall into numbers. They begin with three medieval symbols—trees, eagles, and lions—followed by four blazing low pays in blue, green, purple, and red. Six of a type in these two is valued between 1.22 and 2.22 times the wager, and they are a ring and a helm. The wild symbol may substitute for any other symbol in a winning combination and also has an additional function that will be discussed in the next paragraph.

Features of the Templar Falling Slot

The cascade/tumble concept is central to the gameplay, with other features like surprise revelations, free spins, and a bonus buy acting as offshoots. When a winning combination is formed on a tumbling reel, the associated symbols burst through the playing field. This makes room for new ones to rise to the top, which can lead to further successes. With each tumble, the number of pay symbols and hence winning combinations on the board increases by one. The next paid spin will occur when the current tumble has ended with no new winners.

The surprise reveal feature is activated if a wild symbol appears anywhere on reels 2 through 6. Three to eight blocker tiles are converted into mystery symbols when you use Wild, followed by a pleasant choral sound. Until the current tumbling sequence completes, the secret symbols will stay concealed. After that, they either transform into another matching pay symbol, resulting in another win and another round of tumbles, or they transform into coins, each of which reveals a payoff ranging from one to one thousand times the initial wager.

When all blocker tiles are eliminated in a tumbling sequence, you will be awarded 6 free spins. Action shifts indoors, where it takes place on an unobstructed grid of 117,649 pay ways. Now, once a wild card lands, it converts anywhere from three to six symbols into hidden ones. Similar like previously, mystery symbols can transform into pay symbols, cash coins, or even additional free games. Players who don’t want to wait for free spins to activate naturally can pay 80 times their stake to have access to them immediately with the bonus purchase feature.

Judgment of the Slotting Templars

Is it a Megaway, or a blank spot on a grid? Temple Tumble incorporates the best parts of each into its own style. The reels’ appearance, half-hidden by blocks, evokes comparisons to Fantasma’s Maze Escape Megaways. Once the ball is spun, however, there is no comparison between the games. Graphically and mechanically, Relax has crafted a fun and engaging adventure with a unique setting and engaging gameplay.

Success with the Tumble named line of games, of which Templar Tumble is a part, has been consistent for Relax Gaming. It has a beautiful design that’s easy on the eyes, and the music and effects give off a mystical vibe that’s appropriate considering that the Templars are at the center of this story. Although the game’s blocker demolition concept is straightforward, it does a good job of generating both victories and suspense. They don’t always work out the way you want them to, but when they do, it’s awesome. The symbol metamorphosis function is dramatically boosted during free spins, where the entire grid is in action, which can result in long, spectacular tumble sequences.

You don’t need to be a history buff to appreciate Templar Tumble. Relax combines classic slot mechanics with an engaging narrative and high-quality gameplay features.






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